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Selling your property should be left to professionals who list the correct sale price, so you can sell your property within a reasonable time and receive help and advice throughout the sale process.

If you place your property for sale at a price that is too low, you will lose money at the time of sale, and if you list your property at a price that is too high, it will be harder to sell.

The period of time it will take to sell a property will  noramlly depend on the price, location, status, and overall appeal.

By giving us the exclusivity of your property, we will put a lot more effort into the sale and shall feel more responsible to the owner, offering a more personalized service.

Very few real estate companies specialize in selling rural properties so it is important that your find an agency that has many years of experience selling them and have the right customers. We have over 20 years experience and know the area perfectly, so we advise and guide our clients to make the correct purchase that fits their needs.

It is very important that before you put your property up for sale complete check is made to verify that your property is completely legal or whether steps in this respect must be taken .We can advise you throughout the whole process and help you with the urban laws if required, we  have much experience in this field.

When selling your property it is important to take good pictures, so that clients can clearly see the farm, and be interested in  viewing it. Good pictures prevent clients from visiting properties which are not suitable for them, this avoids time being wasted for all parties. If the client likes the pictures a house sale is more likely. The day the agency is scheduled to take pictures of the property to be sold, it is very important that is clean and tidy to make the best impression, and show your property is the nicest possible way as a picture is worth a thousand words.

Visit the website of your real estate agency, and if you have to ask them to change some photos please do not hesitate to do so, you must be satisfied because it is the first impression that counts.

If your property needs minor repairs or repainting it is very important that it is done so as to create a good impression to the buyer, this shall help sell the property much faster.

Make it easy to have your property viewed as if it cannot be shown, sale opportunities shall be lost.

Most buyers are from European countries, it is important that the estate agency markets the property very well on the internet, keeping up with new technologies, given that most clients usually make requests via the internet.

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